Cracking my niche: Bridging the gap between what I do and who I help

Ever since I turned to self-employment, the question of niche has been on my mind. It is the holy grail of the online marketing world.

In simple words, I see it as the market that has the demand for your unique skillset or services.

For a long time, I thought about the niche in terms of the skills I have acquired over years- like writing, SEO, marketing automation, and email marketing. As an extension, this also includes high-level soft skills like team building, setting systems from scratch, or just explaining complex topics in a simple way.

However, I have realized it is a limited point of view.

It does not define who I want to help. Of course, there are many people who might require these services.

But to sustain and grow into an expert authority whom people can trust, I need further specialization in terms of a specific market or audience.

This is where who I help or who I want to help comes into the picture.

Looking into the past, I have realized I enjoy working with:

  • Companies with clear workflows where they know exactly what they want- blogs, emails, content strategy, etc.
  • Technology startups who need help with content for their non-tech-savvy readers
  • Early-stage startups that need help with streamlining workflows and setting the right processes

There are a few more groups of people who I want to help but have not got a chance to work with them yet.

  • First-time entrepreneurs who want to launch their business online- help them with content strategy, SEO, website development
  • Non-fiction, indie authors who have existing blogs and need help with repurposing them on other platforms
  • Life coaches who want to take their business online- help them with overall marketing consulting and developing a content strategy, local SEO, website landing pages, and email marketing workflows
  • Creators who need help with setting marketing funnels, content, and SEO strategy
  • Serial entrepreneurs who need help with personal branding and content strategy on Twitter/LinkedIn

One common thread among all these potential niches is that I am currently only envisioning a service-based offering or one-to-one consulting with them. Of course, consulting or a recurring service-based offering on an agency model can be one way to grow.

But I am also looking for a more scalable way to serve a niche.

For example, helping one or a few of these groups with a one-time product like an ebook or template, etc.

Maybe it can be a combination of things in the future once I identify a core group of people who I can help.

Have you faced a similar challenge in your entrepreneurship or freelance journey?

Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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