A collection of small posts and unrefined ideas. This is my zone of thinking with the goal of publishing regularly without thinking too much.

  • Loneliness, jet-ski, and bumpy rides

    How loneliness hit me around people during this New Year and what adventure water sports taught me about dealing with it!

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  • Mindful pause before mindless scrolling

    Scrolling is usually mindless. It is extremely unproductive. However, I recently found one way to at least put a brake on this activity.

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  • Vishal’s Newsletter- Edition 64

    My 2022 Favorites: 7 quotes, 5 articles, 2 books

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  • Redefining the meaning of success in 2023

    Success in one context can be a failure in the other. So, how does one deal with this impermanence of success and failure? Is there any way to redefine the meaning of success and failure on a day-to-day basis? More importantly, is there a way to feel successful every day?

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  • Cracking my niche: Bridging the gap between what I do and who I help

    For a long time, I thought about the niche in terms of the skills I have acquired over years. However, I have realized it is a limited point of view. It does not define who I want to help.

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  • To be unchained, unleashed, unrestrained, & unapologetically me

    My entire being feels exhausted due to failed attempts to break free from the chains of dopamine-induced temporary pleasure. Sometimes I am not sure even if the pain of the regret is enough to overcome the lure of that pleasure. That is what scares me the most. To forever live in a never-ending limbo amidst…

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  • Fear of desires

    I am scared that people who are close to me find out about these things. Would they think I am a pervert? Would they no longer be friends with me? Does having these desires make me a bad person? What if someone would never fall for me when they come to know about these things?

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  • Why am I trying Yoga

    I had tried Yoga earlier as a way to get fit. But I could never keep up with the practice. It wasn’t just exciting enough as compared to lifting weights in the gym or a high-intensity training session. But, an accidental aha moment made me sign up for a Yoga class.

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  • The day I got serious

    I think this was the last time I remember having fun in the class. It was the day I got ‘serious’.I never dared to laugh or crack jokes in a classroom after that.

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