Why am I trying Yoga

It was a lazy Sunday afternoon when I felt the urge.

The urge to indulge in self-help. :/

I am honestly done with such books as I transition to an action mode more frequently than passively consuming information.

However, every now and then the urge comes back.

So I picked an unread book from my Kindle, called “In Tune with the Infinite Or, Fullness of Peace, Power, and Plenty.”

One theme from the book stood out above everything else that made me stop reading and sign up for a Yoga class.

The tale of two reservoirs

Imagine a small reservoir in a valley.

This reservoir gets its water from a bigger reservoir at the back of the mountain. The water tastes exactly the same as the bigger reservoir. The only difference is that the reservoir on the mountainside is infinite.

It does not matter how much water the reservoir needs, the mountain provides it to them.

However, there is a twist.

There lies a control switch or valve that controls the flow of water from the mountain.

So as long as the valve remains open, the reservoir keeps getting fresh water. It supports marine life as well as sustains the requirements of the ecosystem around it.

But, when the valve is closed, the water stagnates.

Over time, the water stops sustaining the life around it. It no longer receives fresh water from the reservoir.

A spiritual analogy to the two reservoirs

Imagine human life is an extension of the Spirit/God/Universe/Divine- whatever term you prefer.

Just like the water in the infinite reservoir is the same in nature as the water in the smaller reservoir, a human shares the same divine characteristics as the divine spirit. Another analogy is the drop of water taken from the ocean tastes the same as the water in the entire ocean.

There is this Infinite Spirit of Life behind all, the life of all, and so, from which all comes, then the life of individual man, your life and mine, must come by a divine inflow from this Infinite Source.

Almost all religions and spiritual traditions aim towards the realization of the God/Infinite Spirit within the self.

The underlying concept of all rituals and traditions involves establishing/reconnecting with the divine. It can be either through meditation, yoga, a life of service, living a life of Dharma/one’s true purpose, or anything else.

These actions ultimately act as a valve or switch that opens up the connection with that source/divine.

The more open you are, the more refreshed and connected you feel.

There is no difference in the essence. Only a difference in the degree of openness.

The water in the reservoir keeps on renewing as long as the valve is open.

So, how does one keep in tune with that divine flow?

My aha moment for Yoga

As soon as I asked myself this question, the answer came as a flash- Yoga.

I had tried Yoga earlier occasionally as a way to get healthy and fit. I could never keep up with the practice. It wasn’t just exciting enough as compared to lifting weights in the gym or even getting breathless with a high-intensity training session.

Just like many, I came to the conclusion that it is more of a stretching and flexibility thing rather than a way to get fit.

However, when I thought of Yoga as a way to open myself, especially my physical body, it somehow made sense to me immediately.

This is because learning meditation has enabled me to have that intuitive sense of open connection on a mental and spiritual level.

But, my body has always felt tight, closed, and constricted.

I felt Yoga could be one way to open the valve to feel more flow physically. This is when I immediately signed up for a Yoga class nearby.

I found a class just 200 m away from my place. Surprisingly, I have been living at this place for over a year now and I never considered looking for Yoga classes. I took it as a sign of synchronicity that this is the right time for me to try Yoga once again from a different perspective.

Two weeks later, I feel that it was the right decision. The classes are extremely tough for my large frame and inflexible body.

But I relish them.

Every time, I feel stiff and blocked during a certain pose, I remind myself (and that body part!) gently, “Open up. Just breathe. It is okay to open up.”

And almost miraculously, I am able to sustain through the pose and feel myself getting unblocked and lighter.

I don’t know how much of it is placebo and just the mind-body connection.

But it has worked for me so far.

Have you tried/do Yoga?
What are your thoughts on this perspective of Yoga?
Have you ever felt the same?

Share with me in the comments below.


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